About “Pond Scrum”

The essays here were written by students in HONR 202 at SUNY Geneseo in Spring 2018.

HONR 202 is titled “Critical Reading.” Every section of Critical Reading has a subtitle. The subtitle for this section was “Digital Thoreau.”

Students began the semester by reading Kathryn Schulz’s New Yorker article “Pond Scum”. Over the course of the semester, as they read such works as Walden, “Resistance to Civil Government”, and “Walking”, together with selections from Thoreau’s Journal, they accumulated evidence to evaluate a number of the claims Schulz makes in her essay.

They used this evidence to respond to Schulz’s claims, sometimes agreeing with her, sometimes disagreeing, sometimes combining agreement with disagreement.

Source: https://commons.digitalthoreau.org/sunygeneseohonr202s18/