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  • Comment on Visitors 1-11 by Danielle Crowley
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S20 Geneseo Right off the bat, there is a huge difference to Thoreau in this section. Previously he was discussing how enjoyable it was to be left alone in solitude, but here it is almost as if Thoreau is growing stir crazy. Right away Thoreau is talking about how his love […]
  • Comment on Solitude by Danielle Crowley
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S20 Geneseo [ Leave a comment on paragraph 2 4 When I return to my house I find that visitors have been there and left their cards, either a bunch of flowers, or a wreath of evergreen, or a name in pencil on a yellow walnut leaf or a chip.] This […]
  • Comment on Sounds 1-11 by Madison Jackson
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S20 Geneseo [I did not read books the first summer; I hoed beans. Nay, I often did better than this. There were times when I could not afford to sacrifice the bloom of the present moment to any work, whether of the head or hands. I love a broad margin to […]
  • Comment on Sounds 1-11 by Olivia Davis
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S20 Geneseo Thoreau describes the whistling of the train in his city as the "scream of a hawk sailing over some farmer's yard". It is almost as if the train is a signal, or messenger to indicate that people and goods are arriving. This reminded me of my house back at […]
  • Comment on Sounds 12-22 by Emma Raupp
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S20 Geneseo I love Thoreau's description of night sounds in this section, particularly of the owl and the bullfrog. His description of these natural sounds and the emotions they evoke in the listener ring true despite the fact that they were written over a hundred years ago. Certain sounds and animal […]