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  • Comment on Solitude by Alireza Taghdarreh
    Posted in: Emerson-Thoreau SUNY Geneseo I am a life long reader of Thoreau Walden. I have translated this book into Persian and published it in Iran too. I would always like to discuss this eternal book with fellow American readers. I love this connection. Here is some food for thought and a good subject for […]
  • Comment on Solitude by Jacob Watson
    Posted in: General Discussion Okay I have been reading Paradice lost By John Milton, however me though on this line is what if it is an experiment? That is what fascinates me about society is that it is a giant social experiment that we live every day. That we as people have to work together […]
  • Comment on Visitors 1-11 by Judiah Strouse
    Posted in: SNHUmans Oftentimes people attribute small homes to a sense of closeness or homeliness. However, Thoreau attributes it to a stuffy environment, one where people can't voice their thoughts clearly because there isn't enough room.
  • Comment on Solitude by Judiah Strouse
    Posted in: SNHUmans A paragraph full of Greek mythology allusions, the gods he includes are all associated with medicine and healing of some kind. Curiously enough, he doesn't include Apollo himself, the god of medicine.
  • Comment on Sounds 1-11 by Judiah Strouse
    Posted in: SNHUmans An overview of Thoreau's minimalist thoughts, he does mention Confucius teachings many times throughout Walden. From there he establishes that in life, a person doesn't need a strict timetable of their day. Rather, living in the moment and taking your time to meander about is the best way to live.