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  • Comment on Baker Farm by Elyse Manosh
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S19 Geneseo [A man will not need to study history to find out what is best for his own culture.] This statement reminds me of our discussion in class a few days ago. History will always follow us, but time needs to elapse to truly define something. Give it time and […]
  • Comment on Winter Animals by Domenica Piccoli
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S19 Geneseo [For sounds in winter nights] I really like how Thoreau comments on various sounds he observes. I think that our day and age we are not so cognizant of the little sounds of nature. Thoreau's appreciation and love of nature is inspiring. In our course we talk much about […]
  • Comment on Brute Neighbors 1-9 by Domenica Piccoli
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S19 Geneseo Here, how the mice are considered visitors, relates back to Thoreaus thematic notion and connection to his love for nature. The calm tone as Thoreau speaks of the mice picking up the crumbs at his feet portrays his feelings towards these mice and how they are vastly different than […]
  • Comment on The Ponds 1-17 by Domenica Piccoli
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S19 Geneseo [I detect the paver. If the name was not derived from that of some English locality,—Saffron Walden, for instance,—one might suppose that it was called, originally, Walled-in Pond.] In reading this quote I thought of the same aspects Melissa and Claire spoke of. What is language? I connected this […]
  • Comment on Economy 45-58 by Elizabeth Gellman
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S19 Geneseo [While civilization has been improving our houses, it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them. ] This line reminds me of H.G. Wells' World Brain, in which he says that man has become "a new animal incredibly swift and strong-except in his head," echoing Thoreau's […]