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  • Comment on The Pond in Winter 1-10 by Katey DeMaria
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S24 Geneseo i know what hes talking about but ive never thought of it that way before- I know ice holes are just circles and people put their line down to fish them, but because of club penguin I see it differently in my head and picture an orange fish every […]
  • Comment on Winter Animals by Nikolete Michalkow
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S24 Geneseo Even in the winter time, Thoreau sits and listens to the noises that nature and the animals make. This time with himself, allows him to appreciate and think about nature even if it is too cold for him to go outside and truly experience it. Additionally, while paying close […]
  • Comment on Spring 1-13 by Shannon Corbett
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S24 Geneseo He describes how the Earth itself is always changing and "there is nothing inorganic". Everything is always constantly changing and this is very powerful on Thoreaus intake of nature and how he personally feels and how he chooses to describe nature from his own feelings and how everything is […]
  • Comment on Brute Neighbors 10-18 by Nikolete Michalkow
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S24 Geneseo This section was interesting to me because just as Thoreau is speaking about the peace of nature, he then emphasizes the war between two ants. This, then specifies that all nature is not peaceful and there is conflict and war in everything even nature.
  • Comment on Spring 1-13 by Alice
    Posted in: ENGL 340 S24 Geneseo In this Chapter of Walden, we see Thoreau discussing the beauty of the first few days of spring, which he describes as, "the first tender signs of the infant year just peeping forth." His observations are quite interesting, as he states that the early signs of the new season […]