A Note on the Text

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 On April 23, 1851, Thoreau “tried out a new lecture, entitled ‘The Wild,’ on the Concord Lyceum and on May 31 repeated it in Worcester. It was to become one of his favorite lectures, one that he repeated many times, working it over and adding to it each time until eventually it became large enough to break into two, the new part entitled “Walking.” Because he knew the market for it would vanish once it reached print, he was careful not to have either part published in his lifetime. But just before his death, he put the two back together again and sold the essay to the Atlantic Monthly where it was published in the issue of June 1862 . . .” (Walter Harding, The Days of Henry Thoreau, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1962: 286).

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The text presented here is that of “Walking,” The Atlantic Monthly, vol. 9, no. 56 (June 1862): 657-74. Via the Walden Woods Project, you can download a pdf of the essay as it originally appeared.

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Source: https://commons.digitalthoreau.org/walking/a-note-on-the-text/