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  • Comment on Conclusion 1-9 by Robert Jordan
    Posted in: Thoreau Society AG 2016 As a teenager, I had not a care in the world. I was never a good student. I spent my time off playing baseball, a game I loved. In June, 1966, I was Drafted. I spent the next three years in the Army. The middle year was spent fighting […]
  • Comment on Conclusion 1-9 by Mark Gallagher
    Posted in: Panel of Experts One of the most quoted lines in all of American literature. It has sold countless coffee mugs and motivational calendars, to be sure, but the source is a proverb that goes back into the English tradition as far as the writings of Jonathan Swift and before that, too. While it was […]
  • Comment on Conclusion 10-19 by Mark Gallagher
    Posted in: Panel of Experts This transcendental epiphany becomes a satirical "spiritual lesson" in Herman Melville's short story, "The Apple-Tree Table; or, Original Spiritual Manifestations," published in Putnam's Monthly Magazine  in May of 1856 (465-475). Several critics have commented on this, the first being Frank Davidson, who argues that Melville’s story “records its author’s thoughts on religion at […]