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  • Comment on Where I Lived, And What I Lived For 1-12 by Alireza Taghdarreh
    Posted in: Emerson-Thoreau SUNY Geneseo Thoreau was eating his own house. He was tasting life in all its details. This is part of the deliberate life he followed at Walden Pond.
  • Comment on The Pond in Winter 1-10 by Nicole Callahan
    Posted in: SUNY Geneseo HONR 202 S18 [I look down into the quiet parlor of the fishes, pervaded by a softened light as through a window of ground glass, with its bright sanded floor the same as in summer; there a perennial waveless serenity reigns as in the amber twilight sky, corresponding to the cool […]
  • Comment on Conclusion 1-9 by Leah Christman
    Posted in: SUNY Geneseo HONR 202 S18 [The universe is wider than our views of it.] This is a very interesting idea on perception, for a man who's perception we judge to be quite narrow, given his privileged upbringing. He acknowledges his own lack of sight with the inclusive word "our."