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  • Comment on Solitude by Emma Gears
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project I did not expect to find the line "I love to be alone" in¬†Walden, but that's probably part of Thoreau's philosophy to keep the reader on their toes. Thoreau digs into the pervading notion that being around others is necessary for a complete day. Of course, it is impossible to avoid […]
  • Comment on The Bean-Field 9-17 by Chloe Larosche
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project [ I was determined to know beans.] This appears to be too controlling of nature. It is not our place to fully understand and control nature. Thoreau is trying to fully¬†immerse himself into nature, yet this does not appear to be the way to go about it. Perhaps he simply means […]
  • Comment on Visitors 12-18 by Chloe Larosche
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project [] He leads such a simple life, yet had to do nothing Thoreau is doing to achieve that kind of connection. He is more of nature than Thoreau, I wonder if Thoreau ever understood this point?