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  • Comment on Economy 1-14 by Paul Schacht
    Posted in: Into the Woods [At present I am a sojourner in civilized life again.] Type your comment right in the box.
  • Comment on Where I Lived, And What I Lived For 1-12 by Clara Gallagher
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project In Thoreau's self-comparison to Atlas, he is being extremely hubris and narcissistic (which also stems from a Greek myth). Comparing yourself to a titan who beared the weight of the world on his shoulder is a little extreme and you have to think very highly of yourself to come to this comparison. I found this […]
  • Comment on Economy 30-44 by Henrik Otterberg
    Posted in: General Discussion Thoreau borrows liberally here from a now largely forgotten treatise, Loring Dudley Chapin's Vegetable Kingdom; or, Handbook of Plants and Fruits (New York, J. Lott, 1843). From Sattelmeyer's Thoreau's Reading (1988), item. 289, page 150, we learn that this book was part of Thoreau's personal library, however without links to references in any of Thoreau's notes, […]