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  • Comment on Sounds 12-22 by Raina Schoen Thomas
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project This moment when the cattle train goes by is filled with such entropy. I love how Thoreau paints it. The train tumbles past and his mind is filled with the energies of commerce and all of its implications on the old ways and natural world. There’s a sense of unnatural chaos, […]
  • Comment on The Pond in Winter 1-10 by Raina Schoen Thomas
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project Humans have long since assigned spectacular qualities to the things that they do not understand. Walden is no exception. With its “unusual depth” many believed it to be bottomless and go right through to the other side of the earth, or perhaps to the underworld. Finding magic or wonder in our […]
  • Comment on Solitude by Ricky Noel
    Posted in: Thoreau-Harding Project Thoreau’s diction here is an absolutely brilliant introduction to the chapter. The sensory images he evokes through his appropriately economical use of language, from sounds like “the bullfrogs trump[ing] to usher in the night” and “the note of the whippoorwill”, to visuals: “the fluttering alder and poplar leaves”, to the sensation […]
  • Comment on The Bean-Field 9-17 by Stephen Siperstein
    Posted in: Choate RH 2019 Refers to Henry Coleman (note that the misspelling is not Thoreau's fault but the people who digitized the text), who was the State Commissioner for the Agricultural Survey of Massachusetts when Thoreau was writing this.
  • Comment on Economy 15-29 by Stephen Siperstein
    Posted in: Choate RH 2019 I do think Thoreau wanted to approach every moment as if it were the dawn--that is, to treat every moment with the attention to detail as if it were the dawning of the world, the first moments of creation (as the very ending of the book seems to intimate).  However, […]